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Energy Star

This logo is awarded to appliances that are among the most energy efficient on the market in their class at the time of testing. Only ENERGY STAR® models can qualify for a heat pump subsidy under EECA’s ‘Warm Up NZ’ campaign.



High Performance

Hitachi advanced technology leads in power efficiency. A measure of this efficiency is called the Coefficient Of Performance, or COP. Hitachi heat pumps have excellent COP. For every 1 kW of electricity used by our heat pumps, more than 3.5 kW of heating or 3 kW of cooling is delivered to your room. The Energy Efficiency graph beside shows how effective our heat pumps are compared to other heating methods.


Installing a Hitachi heat pump means no more heat going up the chimney, and no more cluttering up your home with a host of power hungry appliances. What is more, our heat pumps disperse warm or cool air throughout your room, unlike traditional radiators.





Enhance the Value of Your Home

Hitachi modern air conditioning systems are compact, elegant, and unobtrusive. Each system comprises an indoor unit (wall mounted) and an outdoor unit (located near the house), sized to suit the area to be air conditioned. Select from a range of models all designed to blend in with your environment.



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